Flying Boats & Surfing Ships

Our discovery based innovations, can help any powerboat fly and ship surf on top and in its seaway.

The design and its add-on products line are kept as a trade secret till we find the proper needed commercial partner in the Maritime Industry for proper safe introducing to the Global markets.

We can show you our prototype test boats, so you can see they are lifted to surf and fly over water.

  Our 1st Prototype Test Boat actually running on its KEEL, lifted without wake with very low power (7.5HP).

  Our 2nd Test Boat seen lifted on top of the water.  This is a standard power boat running with a rooster tail and not an overpowered race boat.

Our 3rd Tow-Tank tested Navy Ship, did not lift, being a displacement hull, but it did show a 20.6% increased SURFING forward, as economic power saving and other defense benefits listed at our blog and other websites.

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