Modern Hulls

The Trade Secrets of our new original beneficial discovery, are kept till our sought suitable commercial-partner is found, so we can also choose to apply our patent protection and share it all with the wise major maritime corporation we hope to contact us.

We have successfully developed a yet new and most advanced hull design which is superior to any and all you can find on the market or developed by the industry, up to date, and while over years, some others have started coming our way of thinking, no one has the solution and technology we have and own, which can change the industry in the near or far future.

Sighting that new construction is not as big market as the market of all existing boats, vessels and ships, we have also developed a product line you can add to existing new as well as used and even old boats vessels and ships — making them superior, faster, more economic, more capable with improved dynamic stability, superior performance as well as more comfortable and fun to sail with or fly over water.

Here are the basic commercial benefits of the Upgrade/Design from our tests and verification of these advantages. These are Tested Safe Commercial Benefits of the invention, on few small prototypes, as well as a model of a fighting ship in a Tow Tank facility, indicate these qualities:

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