About Opportunity

The opportunity, is to be part of this special project and choose to collaborate from few good business options we can discuss and develop.

While we are ready for starting the marketing of our Surf-Fly-Fins product line, we also have optional choices like initiating more Advanced R&D which may be of interest to our sought partner(s), we also can be Starting to produce boats employing our advanced hulls’ design, we may choose searching for Yachts and Boats manufacturers who may like to license our technologies, contacting shipyards for offering our consulting for upgrading existing ships, contacting major shipping interests for new construction projects, and/or also looking at the Automated Nomadic Manufacturing option.

Naturally, we are open for the thinking of our sought wise partners.

In simple words, for understanding our thinking as “The Mother of Invention is searching for the Father of this Brainchild, so we can swim safely in sharks eating sharks waters of the Maritime Industry”

As you see, the invention will get rid of the frictions of plowing in water and lift the yacht or boat to surf or fly on top of the water, plus add superior performance, economy and comfort plus more advantages to the watercraft.